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Marubeni Sunnyvale A Branch of MArubeni America Corporation Japanese Trading Company Import-Export Services

Marubeni America Corporation

We are not a household name, but our products are in your house. Whether it's the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the car you drive, or the essentials you use, somehow Marubeni America touches your everyday life.  To learn more, go to www.marubeniamerica.com.  Marubeni America is the largest overseas office of the Japanese sogo shosha called Marubeni Corporation.

Import-Export Services

Our goal is to serve as an import-export gateway to the global market, with a specific emphasis on delivering goods, services and technologies to and from the Japanese high tech sector. We represent several Japanese and American manufacturers with products ranging from semiconductor wafers and computer components, to various consumables and electrical cables. Marubeni is constantly seeking new products and technologies to sell throughout its large distribution network in Japan and throughout the world and we welcome inquiries that fit our requirements. Conversely, we are searching for strong partners that can help us establish local sales channels within the United States and Canada.

Venture Capital Funding

Marubeni America's Silicon Valley Branch also extends startup venture capital funding to those who share our global vision and that can contribute to our unique business model.
We typically focus on technology investments which include optoelectronics, fiber optics, semiconductor manufacturing, automation, computer components, and other hardware applications.

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