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QuippEx Technologies, Inc.

Marubeni Sunnyvale trading partner : QuippEx Technologies, Inc.

QuippEx Technologies, Inc., is a procurement service provider, offering an Internet-based procurement platform (QuippEx) to industrial automation and equipment builders. QuippEx Technologies has agreements with supply companies that offer products from over 1,200 equipment component manufacturers. QuippEx is now being used by QuippEx's equipment builder customers to purchase components on a daily basis.

QuippEx creates significant value for customers by providing a suite of solutions that dramatically improves productivity by automating the procurement process, reducing procurement and administrative expense and increasing engineering focus and efficiency. For industrial equipment builders, users and designers, QuippEx offers multiple services tailored to its vertical market including the ability to source and purchase specific components from a database containing over 7 million components supported with design rules.

For more information about QuippEx Technologies, please go to their web site at: www.quippex.com.