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Marubeni America's Silicon Valley Branch Trading Partners



Marubeni Sunnyvale trading partner : Fujibo

Fujibo is the manufacturer and developer of polishing pads used in various applications ranging from semiconductor wafer polishing and computer hard disk polishing to ceramic and glass polishing. The company also develops value-added, functional textile products such as Spanfresh, a moisture-absorbing and -releasing elastane yarn used primarily in underwear. Other products include Chitopoly, an apparel fiber woven with catechin, a substance extracted from the shells of crab and shrimp that gives it odor-preventing and antibacterial properties. Fujibo also produces and markets BVD-brand undergarments and shirts in Japan through a licensing agreement with fruit of the loom. Because of a decreased demand for polynosic rayon, Fujibo has become one of Japan's last textile companies to continue producing that fiber.


Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd.

Marubeni Sunnyvale trading partner : Ishizuka Glass Co. Ltd.

Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd. was established in 1941. Ishizuka manufactures glass bottles and tableware using the brand name "Adelia". It is also engaged in the wholesale of paper containers procured from an associated company.

In addition, Ishizuka Glass manufactures anti-microbial and anti-mite additives that are used in various day-to-day applications ranging from toilet seats and carpets to eating utensils to hair brushes. These additives are added during the manufacturing process to reduce the likelihood of bacterial growth on the surface of the object.


Kanto Electronics Corporation

Marubeni Sunnyvale trading partner : Kanto Electronics Corporation

Kanto Electronics is one of the largest computer hardware distributors in Japan. The company was founded in 1963 in Tokyo and currently has 21 offices with 466 employees.
Kanto Electronics has over 500 vendors in Japan and owns various subsidiaries including Logitec (PC-related products), KE Logistics (Distribution Center) and Syspec (Kanto's antenna division).
Kanto Electronics is a subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


Kobe Steel, Ltd.

Marubeni Sunnyvale trading partner : Kobe Steel Ltd.

Kobe Steel is the leading manufacturer world-wide of aluminum disk blanks and substratesfor computer memory disks, with an estimated 60% share of the world market. Since first moving into this field in 1974, Kobe Steel has focused its efforts on developing and manufacturing products that will satisfy customers needs.

Our product range covers the full line-up of alloys and all sizes of disks. The use of high quality materials and an advanced manufacturing process guarantees near-perfect flatness. The finest quality disk blanks in the world are assured through rigorous testing and inspection.

Kobe Steel also has considerable experience in manufacturing precision products, such as sputtering targets and surface inspection systems, for use in computers and other electronic equipment, and well understands the need for quality and high reliability.


Minato Electronics Inc.

Marubeni Sunnyvale trading partner : Minato Electronics Inc.

Minato Electronics Inc. has been a leading force in the advancement of technology since its establishment in 1951. They are providers of original hardware and software products. Minato technology is highly regarded throughout the industry and has a loyal following of large customers. Their field of expertise includes not only measurement, but micro-computing, networking, new media and virtual reality as well. Minato Electronics strives to contribute to our advanced information society by leveraging our proprietary technology.


New Long Seimitsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Marubeni Sunnyvale trading partner : New Long

New Long Seimitsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of high-end screen printing equipments ranging from standard printers to fully automatic inline systems with optical alignment. New Long also advises on the development, design and testing of comprehensive systems including jigs, transporting systems, test machines, drying units, etc. Headquartered in Japan, and with a customer base of 500 global companies, New Long exports over 1400 machines annually to countries such as the USA, Germany, Korea, Singapore, China, Taiwan and 42 other countries world-wide.


QuippEx Technologies, Inc.

Marubeni Sunnyvale trading partner : QuippEx Technologies, Inc.

QuippEx Technologies, Inc., is a procurement service provider, offering an Internet-based procurement platform (QuippEx) to industrial automation and equipment builders. QuippEx Technologies has agreements with supply companies that offer products from over 1,200 equipment component manufacturers. QuippEx is now being used by QuippEx's equipment builder customers to purchase components on a daily basis.

QuippEx creates significant value for customers by providing a suite of solutions that dramatically improves productivity by automating the procurement process, reducing procurement and administrative expense and increasing engineering focus and efficiency. For industrial equipment builders, users and designers, QuippEx offers multiple services tailored to its vertical market including the ability to source and purchase specific components from a database containing over 7 million components supported with design rules.

For more information about QuippEx Technologies, please go to their web site at: www.quippex.com.


Toyo Kohan

Marubeni Sunnyvale trading partner : Toyo Kohan

Since its establishment in 1934, Toyo Kohan has been a pioneer in the surface treated steel sheet industry by recognizing the limitless possibilities of steel, a material indispensable for every day life.

With the most advanced equipment and technologies, Toyo Kohan has made every effort to meet the demands of customers, developing not only cold rolled steel sheets, but various revolutionary products such as Hi-Pet, Hi-Top, VINYTOP, and Silver Top.

Advancing our technologies and providing high quality products for a reasonable price and in a timely fashion, we will continue to be the first to respond to ever-diversified needs of the world.