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LS-300RTR Screen Printer

The LS-300RTR screen printer by New Long offers the following :
  • We are in an age of roll to roll
  • This full automatic printer enables continuous pattern printing by rolled-up web sheet (polyester film, metal foil, ceramic sheet) and cycle operation
  • This printing system is appropriate for printing conductive circuit boards for connectors, multi-layer capacitor, etc..
LS-300RTR  screen printer by New Long
LS-300RTR Main Features

  • At the tape carrier, the tape is fixed on the suction roller by vacuum and accurate pitch advance can be performed by the servo motor drive.
  • Printing table is adaptable to thin sheet (green sheet).
  • Drying furnace is hot-air circulating type and enable to use IR heater together.

LS-300RTR Specifications


  • Printing area Max 330x330 mm
  • Treatment ability cycle time 5.0 sec

Unreel and reel equipment

  • Loader
    Unreel equipment edge control
    Continuous paper unreel equipment pitch advance suction roller
  • Unloader
    Continuous paper reel equipment tension controller
    Reel equipment edge control
  • Selected materials : PET film, green sheet
  • Film dimensions width : 200~400 mm
  • Roll dimensions
    Roll outward Max 500 mm Internal diameter of roll core Phi 76.2 mm
  • Roll weight : Max 100 kg

Drying furnace

Temperature Usually 100 degree centigrade Max 150 degree centigrade


  • Power requirement AC200V75 KW
  • Air pressure 0.5 MPa20 L/minute(ANR)
  • Machine's weight about 3500 kg

Contact Marubeni Sunnyvale

For more information on the LS-300RTR screen printer or other screen printing equipments from New Long, please contact Marubeni Sunnyvale and we will send you a full brochure.