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Marubeni Sunnyvale Services Venture Capital Funding and Investments on high-tech sectors Investment Criteria

Venture Capital

Marubeni Silicon Valley also extends startup venture capital funding to those who share our global vision and that can contribute to our unique business model.
Our industry focus is on the high tech sector, particularly on opto-electronics, fiber optics, semiconductor manufacturing, automation, computer components, and other hardware applications.

Investment Criteria

Those seeking funds must have the following:

  1. A well prepared business plan with executive summary
  2. Proven management team with Fortune 500 experience
  3. Products / services that lend themselves to the global market (especially Japan)
  4. Focus on high-tech sector

Contact Marubeni Silicon Valley

If you would like to submit a business plan or find out more about our venture capital funding and investment criteria, please contact Marubeni Silicon Valley.