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Marubeni Sunnyvale Services Import-Export services for more product exposure Japan-USA and global

Import-Export Services

As a trading company, Marubeni Silicon Valley specializes in identifying products that will fill a market demand in a specific industry sector. We conduct due diligence on products by talking to customers and suppliers throughout our vast network to determine the viability of selling a product in a target market.
Therefore, we maximize our partners' chances for success within a given market.

Marubeni has approximately eighty (80) branch offices throughout the world, but its primary focus as a Japanese trading company lies in Japan and the United States.

Marubeni also owns the largest computer retail chain in Japan.

Contact Marubeni Silicon Valley

Marubeni Silicon Valley could be the right partner for you to increase product exposure and/or distribution in the global worldwide import-export businesses.

For more information on our services, please contact Marubeni Silicon Valley.