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Waxless Mounting Pads High Stock Removal Pads Final Polishing Pads

Polishing Pads by Fujibo

High Stock Removal Pads - FP Series

Fujibo - a Marubeni Sunnyvale trading partner - manufactures the POLYPAS FP Series, which is a family of soft and hard, non-woven pads.
These high stock removal pads have better flatness for surface polishing, thus their main applications are for wafer polishing, glass polishing, hard disk, stainless steel, and copper sheet polishing.

Final Polishing Pads - Suede Type Series

Various types of polishing pads are available to satisfy your final polishing requirements. Fujibo continues to develop newer and better polishing pads in response to the tighter tolerances required for polishing wafers, disks, and glasses, etc., including CMP devices in the semiconductor industry. There are several pad backings available to meet your particular requirements : the standard type consists of a non-woven cloth backing. The SP type has a PVC backing. The SP and SPH types have a more uniform, level surface than the standard type due to the inherent characteristics of the plastic base film.

  • Standard Type - Nap layer/non-woven substrate.
  • SP Type - Nap layer/ soft PVC layer/ adhesive layer.
  • SPH Type - Nap layer/ Hard PVC layer/ adhesive layer.

CMP Polishing Pads

Fujibo offers a variety of polishing pads for CMP (Chemical Mechanical Planarization) applications as well as the capability to develop new pads for your specific needs. Various grooving and embossing services are also available. The experience and know-how we have garnered in high volume production scenarios guarantees consistent and defect-free quality and performance.

Waxless Mounting Pads

Waxless mounting pads are used for mounting silicon wafers, LCD substrates, and glass panels without wax. POLYPAS Waxless mounting pads provide excellent flatness, and productivity by automation. Washing by solvents is not necessary, which results in shorter process time, and lower cost. Environmentally friendly.

POLYPAS Waxless mounting pads are suitable for inserts in carriers. Fujibo offers variety of pads to choose from, depending on your application and superior flatness. Inserts can be changed in a short period of time and offers better efficiency and lower cost.

Currently eight standard types available


  • Silicon, GaAs : for polishing primary or finished wafers
  • For polishing aluminum and Nickel-plated disks
  • For polishing glass substrates, photomask, and LCD panels
  • CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing)
  • For polishing plastic lenses
  • For polishing stainless steel and copper surfaces

Conversion and Shipping

  • Fujibo laminates any pad with a PVC backing upon request.
  • Fujibo can emboss, circle-cut, U-groove~ or V groove any pad per customer's specifications
  • Fujibo can perforate pads with slurry holes per customers specifications
  • Fujibo polishing pads can be shipped in rolls, disks, or sheets per customer's specification