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High Stock Removal Pads - FP Series

The following products from Fujibo categorize themselves as high stock removal pads.
These pads main application are for wafer polishing, glass polishing, hard disk, stainless steel, and copper sheet polishing.

POLYPAS #55 is a multi-purpose pad is used for low-pressure polishing.
This product main application is especially for glass polishing because it provides excellent flatness when used in the second polishing stage (following a first stage polishing with a harder pad).

POLYPAS #65 is a semi-soft type pad used for both low- and medium pressure polishing.
This product main application is especially in the first stage of polishing of silicon and GaAs wafers, photomask, and liquid crystal; providing scratch-free and haze-free results.

POLYPAS #75 is a standard pad used for medium-pressure polishing.
This product is designed to provide excellent flatness with pressure ranging from 300 to 600 g/cm2. This multi-purpose pad is ideal for polishing silicon and compound wafers, and ceramics.

POLYPAS #FP80 is used for both medium- and high-pressure polishing.
This FP series product provides best results when used in combination with pad #FP75.This pad provides a high stock removal rate, excellent flatness, and a long life.

POLYPAS #FP85, manufactured through a special hardening process, is designed to provide excellent flatness, especially for high-speed, high-pressure polishing.
This FP series product is also suitable for CMP.


  • Silicon, LiTaO3 LiNbO3, and GaAs wafer Polishing
  • Television picture tube (CRT) and lens-grade glass polishing
  • Hard disk, stainless steel, and copper sheet polishing


Product Number #FP55 #FP65 #FP75 #FP80 #FP85
Thickness 1.30 1.30 1.30 1.30 1.30
Density 0.32 0.35 0.37 0.35 0.50
Compressibility 11.1 3.7 5.4 3.0 3.6
Elasticity 71.4

Note: The values above represent typical measurements. Actual values may vary in a range defined by product specifications.

  • Hardness measurements according to the Shore A gauge
  • Other measurement methods according to JISKG5O5 and L1021
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For more information on these high stock removal pads or other POLYPAS series, please contact Marubeni Sunnyvale and we will send you a full brochure.