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Gallium Arsenide Single Crystal Wafers

GaAs Single-Crystal Wafers n and p Type by Boat Grown Process

Hitachi Cable, Ltd. supplies high quality semi-conductive GaAs single-crystal wafers suitable for epitaxial growth ( LPE, MOVPE, MBE ). Our high quality GaAs wafers provide the advantages of high yield and efficiency necessary to produce high-performance optical GaAs devices.


Main features of our semi-conductive GaAs single crystal wafers are:

  • Large size
  • Low etch pit density in large area
  • Clean surface
  • Good flatness

Main Applications of our semi-conductive GaAs single crystal wafers are:

  • Visible and Infrared LEDs(Light Emitting Diodes)
  • Visible and Infrared LDs(Laser Diodes)
  • Solar Cells
Contact Address

For more information on our gallium arsenide single crystal wafers, you can contact the following address :


Manufacturer :

Tomoyuki Hatano
Hitachi Cable America Inc.
10 Bank Street, Suite 680
White Plains, NY 10606
Tel: (914) 993-0990
Fax: (914) 993-0997

Representative :

Joyce Ferrante / Sharon Johnson
Marubeni America Corporation
New York Office
450 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10017-3984
Tel: (212) 450-0397
Fax: (212) 450-0730