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Fine Clad Materials by Toyo Kohan


Fine clad materials by Toyo Kohan - a Marubeni Sunnyvale trading partner - is manufactured via a surface activated bonding process within a vacuum environment, which enables the bonding of a variety of materials. Characteristics such as its high level of purity, and dead flat interface make them excellent for use in electronic components, semiconductor packages, Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), safety vent for Li-Ion secondary battery, CPU heat sink (as well as IC heat sink) , and also other electrical applications.

Laminated metal sheet in thickness between 20 and 400 microns can be formed with various metal combinations among Al, Cu, Ni, Ag, Pb, SUS, and Sn, etc.
Fine clad materials are etchable, and can be engraved and welded.

The following technical data on Toyo Kohan fine clad materials are available below :

Main Applications

  • Safety vent for Li-Ion secondary battery
  • Semiconductor packages
  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)
  • CPU Heat Sink
  • IC Heat Sink
  • Various electronic and electric components.
  • Other electrical applications

Schematic Drawing

Safety vent for Li-Ion secondary battery

Schematic drawing of safety vent for Li-Ion secondary battery
Fine Clad Materials Manufacturing Process
Fine clad materials manufacturing process

Toyo Kohan has been a pioneer in the surface treated steel sheet industry by recognizing the limitless possibilities of steel, a material indispensable for every day life.
With the most advanced equipment and technologies, Toyo Kohan has made every effort to meet the demands of customers, developing not only cold rolled steel sheets, but various revolutionary products such as Hi-Pet, Hi-Top, VINYTOP, and Silver Top.

Material Compounds
  Al Cu Ni Ag Au Pd Pb Sn
Al X X X       X  
Cu X X X X X     X
Ni X X X         X
Ag   X       X    
Pb X              
Sn X X X          
Steel X X X X   X X X
Ti X X   X X   X  
Mo X X            
Product Specifications
Thickness of Raw Material 10 - 300 microns
Product Thickness 20 - 400 microns
Material Thickness Ratio Any ratio upon request
Outline of Selective Etching
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For more information on fine clad materials from Toyo Kohan, please contact Marubeni Sunnyvale and we will send you a full brochure.