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Kobe Steel Ltd. Disk Blanks for Thin Film Media

Kobe Steel Ltd. manufactures high-quality disk blanks for thin film media applications. Our products feature excellent uniformity properties on micro-pits, substrate surface, and intermetallic compound distributions on both the Al-Fe phase and Mg-Si phase, which is suitable for disk applications and plating.

The following technical data are available below :

Code Name Feature
5086 CD-1
  • The conventional alloy for disk applications
KS5586C PD-1
  • The conventional alloy for plating.
  • Surface uniformity (pit) is superior to 5086.
  • Thickness of Ni-Player can be thinner.
KS5586D PD-2
  • Smoother as-plated surface can be obtained.
  • Plating thickness and removal amount by polishing can be decreased.
  • Suitable commercial alloy for plating.

Micro-pits Comparison

Micro-Pits Comparison

Substrate Surface After Ni-P Plating
After Ni-P Plating
Intermetallic Compound Size Distributions
Compound Size Distributions
Al-Fe phase
Thin film media Al-Fe Phase
Mg-Si phase
Mg-Si phase
Contact Marubeni Sunnyvale

For more information on disk blanks for thin film media, from Kobe Steel Ltd., please contact Marubeni Sunnyvale and we will send you a full brochure.
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