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Ishizuka Glass Co. Ionpure


Why Inorganic?

Organic material has conventionally been the main stream of antimicrobial agents.
But recently, there have been many reports of illness caused by organic antimicrobial agents.

Organic antimicrobial agents can be easily transferred from the product to the skin through sweat. Also when vaporized, it is inhaled into the lungs, causing headaches and indisposition" (article from Mainichi Newspaper, June 9, 1998).

Generally speaking, inorganic materials are highly safe (non-volatile) and heat-resistant, compared to organic materials. Therefore, antimicrobial agents, if inorganic, can be safe and gentle to the human body.

Ionpure by Ishizuka Glass Co. is a soluble glass containing antimicrobial metal ions, and thus inorganic.

Comparison of Ionpure molecule to ordinary glass

Glass is generally considered as a material with high chemical inertness due to its strong network structure. However, it is possible to lower this chemical inertness by continuously altering its structure. In addition, glass has another interesting property; it retains metal as ions.

A combination of this property and the above technology has enabled Ishizuka Glass Co. the ability to create glass with low chemical inertness, which can also retain antimicrobial metal ions. With the presence of water or moisture, the glass will release the metal ions gradually to function as antimicrobial agents.

Antimicrobial Mechanism of Silver Ions
antimicrobial mechanism of silver ions
Ionpure Features

As inorganic antimicrobial agents, Ionpure features the following excellent properties :

  1. High performance achieved at low concentration
  2. Ionpure does not affect the properties of plastic.
  3. Heat-resistant up to 500°C due to inorganic properties.
  4. Light resistant: stable against ultraviolet rays and shows virtually no discoloration with age.
  5. Ionpure possesses anti-fungal characteristics with a 2% concentration.
Synthetic rubber with and without Ionpure protection
Ionpure Applications
Application Description
Daily Necessities Chopping board, disposable glove, bowl, kitchen drain basket, kitchen refuse basket, kitchen knife handle, chopstick, tableware, tray, container, lunch box, chopstick case, duster, bathroom stool, washbowl, pale, cupboard, soap case, shampoo holder, toothbrush holder, toothbrush, wrapping film, canteen, emergency water tank, toilet seat, hairbrush, comb
Electric Refrigerator, dish washer, dish dryer, mobile phone, water cleaner, iron,
Appliances rice cooker
Automobile Parts Steering wheel, armrest, panel, shift knob, switches, key, door knob, assist grip
Stationery Mechanical pencil, ball-point pen, pencil, floppy disk case, clipboard, clear paper holder, fancy case, video tape case, photo-magnetic disk shell, desk mat, binder, gook cover
Textile Socks, pantyhose, tights, insole, bathing suit, toilet cover, towel, carpet, pillow
Building Materials Wall paper, flooring materials (P tile, floorings), mat, knob, plastic marble (for kitchen counter and washstand)
Others Lens keeper, lens holder, scale, cosmetics, train strap, plastic money, sand for sand box, cat litter, wrist watch band
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For more information on Ionpure anti microbial additives from Ishizuka Glass Co., please contact Marubeni Sunnyvale and we will send you a full brochure.