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AntiMicrobial Agent
Inorganic Non Volatile Anti Bacterial Additives Ishizuka Glass Ionpure Inorganic Anti Mite Materials Segurocera for carpeting

Ishizuka Glass Co. - a Marubeni Sunnyvale trading partner - manufactures anti bacterial additives Ionpure, and anti mite materials Segurocera.
The anti bacterial additives cover a wide range of applications, from industrial needs, electric applicances, automobile parts, stationery, textile, building materials, to daily necessities; while the anti mite materials is ideal for usage in enclosed spaces, such as for carpeting applications.

Anti Microbial

Anti Bacterial Additives : Ionpure

Organic material has conventionally been the main stream of anti bacterial additives. But recently, there have been many reports of illness caused by organic anti bacterial additives. It is because organic anti bacterial additives can be easily transferred from the product to the skin through sweat. Also, when vaporized, it is inhaled into the lungs, causing headaches and indisposition. Ionpure is a soluble glass containing anti bacterial metal ions. It is classified as inorganic material, and, generally speaking, inorganic materials are highly safe (non-volatile) and heat-resistant, compared to organic materials. Therefore, Ionpure is safe and gentle to the human body.

The anti bacterial additives can be infused with certain products during the manufacturing phase to create anti-bacterial properties. Applications range from textiles like socks, pillows and towels, to daily necessities such as toilet seats, hair brushes, and tableware.

AntiMicrobial Agent

Anti Mite Materials : Segurocera

Segurocera - inorganic anti mite materials - is made of a combination of boric acid and ceramics. It inhibits the multiplication of mites by gradually decreasing moisture within them, leaving them in a dry condition, and thus causing them to weaken and die.
Unlike conventional organic insecticides that instantly kill mites with neurotoxin, Segurocera is a long-term solution against mites and is non-hazardous to humans due to its inorganic characteristics.

Inorganic anti mite materials with non-volatility component like Segurocera is the ideal material for usage in enclosed spaces, such as for carpeting applications. It can be incorporated into pile section of carpet, PP woven backing cloth, or Spunbond backing cloth.

Anti Microbial Agent