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Segurocera - Inorganic anti mite Materials


Segurocera by Ishizuka Glass Co. is an inorganic anti mite material made by through a combination of boric acid and ceramics. Segurocera inhibits multiplication of mites by gradually reducing moisture in mites and leaving them in a dry condition hence weakening their ability to live.
Unlike conventional organic insecticides, which instantly kill mites with neurotoxin, Segurocera is a long term solution against mites and is not hazardous to human beings.

A media with and without Segurocera anti mite materials

Segurocera Features

An an inorganic anti mite materials, Segurocera features the following excellent properties :

  • Ceramic - no odor or volatility.
  • No change in performance during production due to high heat-resistance.
  • Long product life and superior stability during storage.
  • Non-toxic and safe.

Inorganic anti mite materials with non-volatility component is the ideal material for usage in enclosed spaces.

Applications for Carpeting
Segurocera anti mite materials for carpeting applications
  • Incorporate into pile section of carpet.
  • Incorporate into PP woven backing cloth.
  • Incorporate into Spunbond backing cloth.
Structural arrangement for Segurocera anti mite materials in carpeting applications
Anti Mite Results
Segurocera anti mite results on carpeting applications
Contact Marubeni Sunnyvale

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